Public Lecture ,,Have Humans Changed the Climate?”

17 April 2013

Georgian National Museum presents public lecture by Dr. Fred Goldberg ,,Have Humans Changed the Climate?" on April 17, 2013, at 6 pm.

Dr. Fred Goldberg, Swedish Renaissance man and Fellow of the Scandinavian Chapter of The Explorers Club since 1990. Polar explorer and historian. Just returned from one month on ship in the Antarctic. Doctorate in metallurgy. Laser scientist.Global small businessman in the best Swedish business tradition. Following a family tragedy, pioneered the electronic driving license to prevent drunk driving for which he was awarded the European Commission IT Prize in 1995. Author of several books and many papers. Energy entrepreneur in both Sweden and the US. Received from the King of Sweden the Traveller's Club Silver Medal.

Fred became interested in the climate issues when he realized that Swedish electricity bills included a CO₂ tax when Sweden, being powered entirely by hydro and nuclear, did not generate any CO₂. His research led him to conclude that there was no evidence whatsoever that humans are causing global warming. This analysis led Fred to be one of the organizers of the First International Climate skeptic conference with 110 participants from 10 countries. He lectures worldwide on this topic - and now in Georgia!

Address: Georgian National Museum's Auditorium, 1 Purtseladze Str.