Punctum Contra Punctum

Date: 10 June 2012 – 21 June 2012

Museum: Museum Of Fine Arts


The Urgency of the Issue, Analysis of the Current Situation

Georgia is a country of rich cultural traditions. However, today in the times of integration of the European liberal values the priorities of the culture change and therefore culture itself takes a significant role in developing the new Georgian state.

First of all this role is identified as introduction of contemporary European artistic mentality in the national cultural environment and the European donors have essential role in this process.

The digital arts and photography become more significant in the contemporary art processes. They express the contemporary artistic mentality and visual mood of the spectators. The digital arts and photography together with its media technologies reflect the multicultural environment in which we live and think. Therefore they reflect the visual field, which is shared by the contemporary European ideology and especially by the libertarian values.

Supporting such exhibitions is one of the serious strategies for the Ministry of Culture and its importance is represented by the implementation of the project.

Punctum Contra Punctum, the second international exhibition of the digital arts and photography  will be held on June 10-20, 2012 by the support of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and The National Museum of Georgia. The punctum - photography is an elementary technique of the process, which requests the esthetic modeling and giving it artistic quality to the surrogate product created during this process. Precisely, the alliance of punctum and contra - punctum is the condition that gives the artistic value to the photography.

Digital art creates an alternative for the traditional fine arts. Its representation will bring serious results in future in Georgia and will become the creative resource, which will of course be useful in development of Georgian fine arts and visual arts in particular.

The social significance of the exhibition is defined by the propaganda of photographic and digital arts for broad public and adaptation of mass taste to specific contemporary artistic language.

The second international exhibition of the digital arts and photography will be held in Tbilisi National Museum on June 10-20, 2012. The participants will be the significant, successful media artists from different countries who had been participating in various Biennales and have earned international Grand prizes and awards. The participating artists have huge experience in this field.

The participants will be from Georgia, Switzerland, Austria, Great Brittan, the USA, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Macedonia and the other countries. The foreign musicians will perform while participating in the exhibition and a literature evening will be held in the Austrian library.

In the future the exhibitions are considered to be held based on substitution principles of the fine arts and photography to maintain the basis of the European easel arts on which the modern understanding of the visual arts are based. This basis has received the transformation and modification because of the newest technologies and by artistic methods which serve as the main principals for arts nowadays. Therefore the positive evaluation of the exhibition considers bringing the contemporary visual art mentality to the broad public and involving the public into this mentality processes as well as its ideological stimulation and participation in the presentation of the final visual product.

Local electronic and printed media will report about the exhibition. The electronic media will provide the facilities to broadcast the exhibition process in interactive regime and to pay attention to each country representative who will participate in the exhibition. This will motivate the esthetical side of our society which will be another sign of positive affect.

A high quality bilingual catalogue with rich visual contest will be printed.

The participants of the exhibition will get familiar with Georgian history, culture and tradition.

The county-wide tours will be held which will serve as a valuable material for foreigner participants to enlarge the field their interest.

Meetings, round table discussions and workshops with Georgian artists, curators and art critics will also be held.

Other activities are planed during the above mentioned exhibition.


The Project Objectives

The goal of international artistic exhibition is establishment of Georgian media-art institution in European Space as well as converting it into the international market and developing independent artistic market for Georgia artists. Georgian visual arts have to become a new mentality principal for European artists as well as peculiar generator of the ideas. The exhibition will enhance enriching cultural experience and artistic representation.



The second international exhibition named Punctum Contra Punctum of the digital arts and photography will be held in the Tbilisi National Museum. A bilingual catalogue with rich visual contest will be printed.


The Ways of Implementation

The materials which are need to be prepared for the catalogue which will be printed as it had been planed

  • Design
  • Preparing and translating the text
  • Editing
  • Analysis of the works of the artists participating in the exhibition
  • Analysis of the international experience and visual arts and photography
  • What does the exhibition include
  • The role of visual arts and photography in the modern culture
  • The criteria for the selection of the artists who take part in an exhibition
  • What can be the benefits of the above-mentioned exhibition
  • Why is it important to hold this exhibition in Georgia



Arrangements for the exhibition

  • Preparing the design and texts for the posters, invitations, stickers, banners; printing and posting them
  • Printing and designing works of the artists participating in the exhibition
  • Organizing the exposition and pre-exhibition meetings with the participating artists
  • Distribution of invitations (art critics, professional artists, Diplomatic Corps, representatives of Georgian Government, journalists, media experts, cultural workers, young artists, students and public)
  • The grand opening of the exhibition
  • Reporting about the exhibition through of printed and electronic media
  • Reports about the significance of the exhibition on TV channels and shows that have high rating
  • Recording the process of the exhibition by video and photo cameras
  • Meetings and workshops with foreign artists and Georgian curators, art critics and artists
  • Visiting museums and sightings of Tbilisi
  • Organizing country-wide tours for the participants (Mtskheta, Jvari, Shiomgvime, Kvareli, Tsinandali, Gremi, Shuamta, Vardzia, Sataplia, Zugdidi, Batumi)
  • Organizing literature evening in the Austrian Library
  • Organizing musical performances in the art cafes
  • Organizing the final gala meeting with the participants



Expected Results of the Project

  • Rising awareness in the fields of digital arts and photography for upcoming artists
  • Sharing international experience
  • Getting familiar with the new media technologies and promoting their future introduction and establishment
  • Enriching the background for digital arts and photography in Georgia
  • Holding master classes for the beginner artists
  • Rising public awareness in the fields of digital arts and photography
  • Development of cooperation ties between foreign and local professionals
  • Enriching awareness of the decision makers in the field of digital arts and photography


Long-term Results

The introduction and development of the Georgian fine arts (visual art in particular) in Georgia. The annual international exhibitions will be held in various parts of Georgia. The active involvement of various countries.