At the Sources of Georgia Metallurgy

Year 2015
Publication Type Scientific Papers

Monuments of mettalurgical industry exposed by archaeological excavations on the territory of Georgia and studied by complex methods have been considered which are associated with the multicentury chronicle of forefathers of Georgians, Tubal Kains, „hammer smiths, iron and bronze  farriers", which preserve  traces of their creative work till now.


Ancient metallurgical centers functioning in the IV-I millenium B.C. made high-quality copper-bronze and iron-steel hand-made objects and created highly artistic masterpieces of precious metals by working of  local copper, arsenic, antimony, iron, silver, gold and polymetal ores. 


Historical picture of  the the process of formation of separate metallurgical hearths and amalgamated metallurgical centers of the South Caucasus region is offered at each stage of development of local cultures  of  bronze-iron and antique era, which became possible  by scientific-experimental analysis of labor organization and technical-technological characteristics of the studied objects.


Interdisciplinary study of ancient metallurgical industry proved  full compliance of  the results of material-cultural monuments  with the data of currently available written sources. 


Document At the Sources of Georgia Metallurgy