Georgia – The Cradle of Wine

Date: 31 July 2017 – 05 Nov. 2017

The 8000-year history of Georgian wine will be revived in Bordeaux, France. Various archaeological and ethnographic exhibits, copies and photos from the collections of the Georgian National Museum will be displayed at "Le Cite du Vin", Bordeaux, where Georgia will betoken as the first "Guest Wine Region".

"Guest Wine Region" is a part of the cycle of exhibitions organized by the newly-established Bordeaux Center for Wine and Civilizations "Wine City". The exhibition, personally coordinated by the Georgian National Museum Director General David Lordkipanidze, will be opened on 31 July and will last until November 5, 2017.

Archaeological and ethnographic material, enriched with modern museum installations, allow visitors to recuperate various epochs of vine development in Georgia. The exhibition concept envisages disclosing a vast array of ancient artifacts related to wine culture in a wide chronological view and to present its immense history as well as the continuity through millenniums.

The exhibition mainly focuses at the discoveries of the early stage of winemaking - the Neolithic era. The vessels containing fragments of wine acid confirm that winemaking takes its place in the territory of Georgia, namely Kvemo Kartli - the land where the remains of the first Europeans were revealed.

The modern scientific society applauds Georgia as the "Cradle of Wine". This, on the one hand, is testified by the ancient archaeological data related to wine culture and, on the other hand, by the vast archaeobotanical material. This theory is also proved by VI-IV millennium settlements discovered in Kvemo Kartli region (Arukhlo, Gadatchrili Gora) and various ongoing archaeological excavations across the Georgia.

Through the installation depicting Georgian cellar, an exposition allows visitors to discern the sacred attitude to the wine retained in Georgian ethnography. Photo-installation of Dimitri Ermakov's photo collection will illustrate discrete customs and traditions related to Kvevri (Georgian vessel for wine storage and ageing).

Exhibition held in "Wine City", Bordeaux, symbolizes the 8000-year history of Georgian wine and continuity of Georgian winemaking traditions. The exposition is concluded with the masterpiece by renowned Georgian painter Niko Pirosmanashvili "Carousal at Organ-Grinder Datiko Zemeli".

The exhibition is co-organized by the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and the Georgian Embassy to France. The project is supported by the National Wine Agency, the Georgian Wine Association, and the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia («Sakpatenti»).