KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2015 - Tbilisi History Museum

Date: 02 May 2015 – 08 May 2015

Museum: Tbilisi History Museum

Georgian National Museum Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum in the frame of KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2015 invites you at the opening of the exhibitions. The events will take place on 2nd of May 2015 at 6:30 pm.

"Beyond the Common" is the exhibition with the participation of the students of the University of applied science and arts Dortmund, for whom teaching photography means to lead them to develop their own attitudes. Teaching them how to deal with the signs and expressions of visual languages and transmit hope to students in a highly competitive economic environment.

The exhibition is curated by professor Dirk Gebhardt. The coordinator - Teona Gogichaishvili. 

The exhibition "Stories from America" is curated by Tina Schelhorn and showcases four photographers work.

Richard Bram "New York: Hiding in Plain Sight". Richard Bram is American photographer who works in the field of street photography.

Chris Suspect "Suspect Device" How did punk do it? He is a street and documentary photographer hailing from the Washington, D.C. area. He specializes in capturing absurd and profound moments in the quotidian.

Saul Robbins "Initial Intake". Saul Robbins is interested in the ways people interact with their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy. His photographs are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and unity.

Øyvind Hjelmen "Elsewhere". Øyvind Hjelmen has been working with photography for more than 20 years. His works have been exhibited in 14 countries and acquired by several collections.

"War Line" by Shakh Aivazov

At the exhibition will be showcased war photographer Shakh Aivazivs' works.

For the photographer, looking at the photos shot during the war and displayed in one huge space is very painful because it involuntarily makes you go back in time. There are personal stories behind his photos. Stories that are so deep that even now, he still does not want to go through them again or maybe, he just does not want to do it. As the author says, exhibition visitors see the ‘beautifully' decorated photos in frames: for some of them, they are interesting, while for others - they are just photos...

The exhibition is curated by Dina Oganova.

The Installation "Umbrella Chronicles V"

Michael Vincent Manalo is an international artist from Phillippines, whose works are inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic, melancholic and dream-like environments. His photo-works and installations have been exhibited in Georgia (in 2013 at The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia), as well as in many different countries like: Australia, Azerbaijan, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and the USA.

The exposition is curated by Annie Davarashvili.


Address: Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla), Sioni Str. 8, Tbilisi, Georgia