Vittorio Sella`s Photo Exhibition

Date: 24 July 2014 – 10 Sep. 2014

Museum: Svaneti Museum

Georgian National Museum, Embassy of Italy in Georgia and National Geographic Georgia, present photo exhibition by famous Italian photographer and mountaineer Vittorio Sella at Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography. Opening event will take place on 24 of July 2014, at 2 p.m.

Vittorio Sella (1859 -1943) was an Italian photographer and mountaineer, who took photographs of mountains which are regarded as some of the finest ever made. His contribution to geography, ethnography and development of Alpinizm is outstanding.

Vitorio Sella was born in Biella, Italy in the foothills of the Alps and acquired his interest in photography from his father, Giuzeppe Venanzio Sella and in alpinism from his uncle, Quintino Sella, scientist and politician, who was also the founder of the Italian Alpine Club.

Vitorio Sella made a number of significant climbs in the Alps and participated in numerous expeditions on four continents, including three travels to the Caucasus in 1889, 1890 and 1896.

Svanetian villages, landscapes, ethnography, families, culture, portraits and other significant details perfectly pictured by Sella will be presented for public at Svneti Museum of History and Ethnography for the first time. After decade, author's works return to the place where photographer was travelling.

The majority of photographs taken during the Caucasian expeditions is connected with Svaneti. In his diaries, Sella writes about Svans as the original, proud and noble people. Rezo Tabukashvili, famous Georgian film director, made a wonderful film "Vittorio Sella" in 1980.

Amazed with the beauty of the Caucasus, different regions of Georgia and with Svaneti in particular, Vittorio Sella left the wonderful photographs and important documents of our country to the world and the future generations.

Adress: Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography. Mestia, 7 A. Ioseliani Street.