Multicultural Georgia

Date: 21 May 2011 – 21 May 2011

Museum: Open Air Museum of Ethnography

Open Air Museum of Ethnography presents photo exhibition "Multicultural Georgia". The exhibition will be held On May 21, 2011, at 14:00.

On the exhibition, there will be displayed exhibits from the collection of Georgian National Museum. Exponents of material culture will represent different ethnos (Georgians, Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Ossetians).

The project is designed for both teachers and students. The aim of the project is to promote cross-cultural collaboration and intercultural dialogue. Also, the project will support teachers and students by deepening theoretical knowledge. Students will learn more about resettlement of different ethnic groups on the territory of Georgia.

After Open air Museum of Ethnography, following exhibition will travel all across Georgian regions and will contribute to the raising of awareness of local societies.

The project will be implemented in the frames of A-MUSE-ALL program with the support of DVV international.

Venue: G. Chitaia Open Air Museum of Ethnography, 25 M. Berdzenishvili Str. (Turtle Lake Road). Tbilisi, Georgia.