The exhibition “Enduring Bonds”

03 November 2015

Due to the occasion of Eu week of culture 2015, the EU Delegation to Georgia, the Let's Meet Europe project, the National Archives of Georgia and Georgian Natioanl Museum present a photo exhibition dedicated to Georgian-European political and cultural relations. The exhibition will take place at Georgian National Museum Sighnaghi museum on November 4, 2015.

The early photographs tell the human stories of people who supported the development of the country in the context of European values. The photographs depicting industrial partnership between Western counties and Georgia are shown through the Georgian period in the life of the Muls family from Belgium. The chronology of mid and late 20th century cultural-political exchange is presented through the press photography collection.

The photography collections preserved in the National Archives of Georgia tell the story of enduring bonds of Georgia with its fellow European countries during the Tsarist, Democratic Republic and Soviet times. Despite the different models of governance and the political situation in the country, the desire for friendship and collaboration with other European countries has remained unchanged.

The exhibition will last until December 4, 2015. 

Address: 8, Rustaveli blind-Alley., Signaghi, Georgia.