Archaeological Discovery

09 August 2012

International expedition organized by Georgian National Museum and Trinity College Dublin has discovered an ancient level of habitation in Satsurblia\'s cave.  This new discovery - sign of human being, from Upper Paleolithic Era dates approximately 15 000 years. This is the revelation with a great importance in Transcaucasia region. For scientists Kumistavi\'s cave is the valuable achievement.

This expedition organized by GNM and Trinity College Dublin has been working since 2008 headed by Tengiz Meshveliani. For years several archeological works has done:  they has deeped rips on East and West wall of cave, also extended and took out blocks in the cave which has dropped from ceiling. These works has done succesfully by scientists.

The main intention of Cultural Heritage Programme is to research, study and popularize the archeological monuments not only as real or movable property also existed underground. This discovery near Tskaltubo is very important and represents the ancient historical value of Georgia.