“Intoxications and Inspirational Errors” - Volume 2 - Eden Lost

29 June 2012

The Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition “Intoxications and Inspirational Errors” – Volume 2 - Eden Lost by Konstantine Mindadze on June 29, 2012 at 8 pm.

Since November when I first presented "Intoxications and Inspirational Errors" - Volume 1 -‘Black Hole of Inspiration'  - which was mainly about information and its stress on background of globalization, which also had autobiographical content, I already had in mind banishing from Eden of our times and I was making the first raw sketches of few elements of its Volume 2. I rediscovered epical pieces like Dante's ‘Devine Comedy' and John Milton's ‘Paradise Lost' - not to visualize it directly, but to transform some elements from it in new mediums - putting them in an actual contemporary new contexts. I found that William Blake's timeless poem ‘Proverbs of Hell' written in 1797 answered it all and was more than enough, ready and call it a main inspiration for some notable elements build especially for Volume 2. Production processes started from beginning of the year according to definitive visual studies and this is a result of how I metaphorically see ‘Eden Lost' today and not only today. This is how I'm imagining it through the infinite time lapses of living kind from far past (very beginning or big-bang, whatever) to far future to infinity and vice-versa - where present includes it all - With all its pluses and minuses.

Development of science and technology is very important and consumerism no matter how ironically foolish it may seem, gives us a comfort, which we all still more demand. Commercializing religions made me even transform Adam and Eve to be associated with brands.

‘Eden Lost' contains irony of all our daily expanding needs and not protests against them. I think that on a background of such necessary progress the individuality (or even soul's purity) might fade, however it is inevitable and impossible without future developments just like without sins.