Press Releases

10 May 2022

"Artist and Epoch: Shalom Koboshvili 145" - Exhibition at Sighnaghi Museum

Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition "Artist and Epoch" at Sighnaghi Museum, dedicated to Shalom Koboshvili's 145th anniversary.
11 April 2022

Medea’s Burqa Installation-Performance

The installation-performance “Medea’s Burqa” is a novel interpretation of Medea’s myth based on a mono play by modern Greek playwright Andreas Flourakis. Medea is a refugee, her burqa represents her identity and mixes with her individuality.
07 April 2022

Scientific session dedicated to the results of archaeological excavations carried out in 2019-2021

Georgian National Museum Otar Lordkipanidze Institue for Archaeological Studies presents the scientific session dedicated to the results of archaeological excavations carried out in 2019-2021. The session takes place on April 11-21 at the Georgian National Museum Auditorium. 
16 March 2022

White Circle by Zaal Bachanashvili

Up to 70 paintings by Zaal Bachanashvili, an artist of the 80s, are on display at the exhibition - White Circle.
28 February 2022


Georgian National Museum expresses solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and each of our colleagues. The cooperation of the Georgian National Museum with the cultural-educational institutions of Ukraine endures for years. 
10 February 2022

Georgian Modernism and Tbilisi Avant-Garde (1910-1932)

The exhibition presents Georgian Modernism and the Tbilisi Avant-Garde of 1910–1932. 
08 February 2022

Buffer Intervals

Buffer Intervals is Rocko Iremashvili’s multimedia project, comprehended in the global context. It is dedicated to the eternal problem – to a human’s freedom and to overcoming obstacles and barriers that perpetually come across him while speeding to that space of freedom.
20 January 2022

Whisphers of Aphrodite

On January 23 at the Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla) Margo Korableva Performance Theater will present a new work “Whispers of Aphrodite”. On January 25 a public workshop will be hold on Physical Theater, Meditation and Performance.
10 January 2022

Soliko Virsaladze - Retrospective exhibition

On January 14, a retrospective exhibition of the great Georgian scenographer Soliko Virsaladze (1909-1988) will open at the Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery.
17 December 2021

Freedom Inspired Art

From December 25, 2021, the artworks of non-conformist artists Karlo Grigolia and Zura Sekhniashvili will be presented at Sighnaghi Museum at the exhibition "Freedom Inspired Art".
16 December 2021

Artist and Epoch: Shalom Koboshvili 145

Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition "Artist and Epoch" at Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, dedicated to Shalom Koboshvili's 145th anniversary. 
16 November 2021

Journey of Pompeii treasures in Georgia is over

The journey of Pompeii treasures in Georgia came to an end. The exhibition lasted for 4 months first in Vani Archeological Museum and then in Tbilisi in the Museum of Georgia and despite the pandemic, was attended by more than 19,000 visitors.