40 days since Rusiko Kochkiani passed away

07 July 2017 - 08 July 2017

Weak and subtle on one glance, Rusiko Kochkiani was a woman of strong personality with firm professional and personal values.

During the last ten years I had close professional ties with Rusiko Kochkiani. She was high-cultural loyal fellow and professional leader who was quickly adopting new knowledge and constantly was working on her professional development. Bright example to prove this would be her way of handling complex problems that arouse during creation of the new museum in Svaneti - being a sensitive issue for public, each and every step we made was a subject of wide discussions.     

History of creation of Svaneti Museum that is the model of modern cultural-educational center already is a part of the current history of our Country. The fact that we all are proud of Svaneti museum is Rusiko's and her team's grace.   

Rusiko always was a reliable friend. She was as reliable for us as the rest of Svaneti is for the whole Georgia. She had many friends and despite the fact that her life was full of difficulties and personal tragedy, she never complained and managed to remain kind and cheerful.

In general, Svaneti holds a special place in my heart. I doubt that I can ever give back to Svaneti and Svanian people, what they have given to me. People like Rusiko Kochkiani are pillars of our society. I do believe that inheritance and knowledge that she passed to her colleagues will play an important role in education of our future generations - that is of course the main priority of Svaneti Museum.

Rusiko especially loved an exhibition hall where we tried to reconstruct a sacral space and represent objects sacrificed to Svanetian churches throughout centuries. Elegant, deeply conceptual exhibition responds to Rusiko's nature and we decided to name the hall after her to express our gratitude to Rusiko and honor her memory, on July 10th, 2017.


David Lordkipanidze
General Director of the Georgian National Museum