Georgian National Museum Educational Center


Georgian National Museum values the process of lifelong studies and learning, and implements various activities to support the visitors education. The GNM policy and network aim to fully utilize its diverse exhibitions, collection, staff and other resources for developing of the educational programs. As a result, the visitors can participate in various educational activities using the specially prepared materials.

The visitor programs and reference materials are developed by scientists and educational experts at the GNM Educational Center. The programs for both groups and individuals are constantly changing in order to keep pace with temporary and special exhibitions. This learning experience inspires and motivates the visitors to come back to the museums and learn something new with each visit.  

Please, register in advance in order to participate in the GNM educational programs. For further information about the content, place, time and duration of the programs please contact us at

Tel: + (995 32) 293 16 52

3, Purtseladze Street. Tbilisi, Georgia 0105