Journal "Museum"

Year 2018
Publication Type Periodic Papers

In the current issue of our magazine you will find an interview with renowned paleoanthropologist, Don Johanson, who discovered Lucy in Ethiopia, an event which greatly influenced the development of paleoanthropology and played a key role in the popularization of that science.  


In the issue we offer the story of the legendary archaeologist, Boris Kuptin, written by another icon, academician Otar Japaridze. You will read articles from National Geographic Georgia, where we tell the story of our country through some of our museum's most fascinating objects. We also offer you a captivating essay describing 8000 years of wine in Georgia, as related through early Neolithic fragments of wine vessels.


In the Art Section we offer insights about the avant-garde artists of Georgia, exemplifying the key contributions made by Tbilisi as a center of art in Europe. For the younger generations, these artists have shown that significant art is not created only in larger countries. Another moving article, exemplifying Georgia's dedication to the development of art, is illustrated by the stories of great artists who were victims of the terrible Soviet repressions.


And finally, in this issue you will meet some Friends of the Museum - The Director of the Goethe Institute, Dr. Stephan Wackwitz and Professors Heidemarie and Guntram Koch. 


Journal "Museum", N3, 2017