Year 2017
Publication Type Periodic Papers

Journal: IBERIA-COLCHIS (Researches on the Archaeology and History of Georgia in the Classical and Early Medieval Period), №13, 2017. Editor in Chief: Gela Gamkrelidze


In the present journal (№13) the authors review some issues related to Iberia-Colchis, studying history and archaeology of Georgia. The journal is designated for the specialists and also for the readers concerned with history and archaeology of Georgia (in the Caucasus). In this journal, there are artistic reconstructions from written sources and archaeological data. 


PAPERS IN ENGLISH:  Questions of succession in the Pre-Christian and early medieval architecture of Georgia; Forty seasons of excavation: Nokalakevi-Tsikhegoji (Archaeopolis); Bacurius, the man with two faces; and etc.


PAPERS IN GEORGIAN: Artifacts from Leghvani; pottery of 7th cent. BC-7th cent. AD from east Georgia; Iberia-Colchis in the Diadochoi era; Roman engraved gems from the collection of Georgian National Museum; Fortress of Khuntsi; Artifacts of classical period from Kaspi museum; Rich burials of late Roman period from the v.Okami; The red-figure crater; Boutelle from the settlement of Treligorebi; and etc (summary in English as well).


The full version of the journal is available on the website of Library of The Parliament of Georgia: IBERIA-COLCHIS №13