Year 2015
Publication Type Periodic Papers

One of the first words crossing my mind when thinking about a collective term that could refer to the way the universe works is "connections". Occurrences that took place several centuries or even billion years ago defined our present and will continue to influence our future. This is a reason that we as humans should be curious about every detail that might bear information about our past. Connections are different and they are all around; they co-exist and form out everyday life.


Our Museum is a place where art meets science; it has an endless list of connections. The history of our country, our museum's own history, our founders, our collections, our scientists, viewers, friends and you - our readers - are part of this list.


With this issue, we try to familiarize you with our connections. We tell you the story of how one of our most successful exhibits was created and how its legendary curator and visionary scientist Alexander Javakhishvili developed the exhibit that yelled in the middle of 20th century and set the standard we tried to meet during the development of the new archaeological exhibit.


We tell stories about our friends - Prof. Reid Ferring, archaeologist - who has worked with the museum for more than 20 years; Tim Severin - a "de-tribalized" academician - who repeated the Argonauts' ancient voyage 30 years ago; and Paul Salopek - who set out from Ethiopia on foot to repeat the journey of ancient humans with his project called "Out of Eden Walk".


We tell you an amazing story of Pirosmani's two paintings, Arsenal Hill at Night and Hunting in India; how the former was donated to the Georgian people this year and exhibited at the National Gallery after 96 years of traveling, and how the latter was repaired and renovated through the complex and scrupulous work of our restorers.


We tell how honored and proud we were to participate in the first International Science and Innovation Week and solemnly host its closing ceremony.


There is lot more inside this issue about our local and international exhibits and various projects. We welcome you to share the excitement, adrenaline and joy we experience at the end of every success.


With all this in mind, we do hope to strengthen the connection we have with you - our readers and visitors.


David Lordkipanidze

General Director of the Georgian National Museum

Document Journal "Museum" (PDF)