Year 2015
Publication Type Scientific Papers

Journal: IBERIA-COLKHIS (Researches on the Archaeology and History of Georgia  in the Classical and Early Medieval Period), N11. 2015. Editor-in-Chief: Gela Gamkrelidze.


In the present journal (N 11) the authors considers some issues related to Iberia-Colchis, studying history and archaeology of Georgia. The journal is designated for the specialists and also for the readers concerned with history and archaeology of Georgia (in Caucasus). In this journal there are artistic reconstructions from written sources and archaeological data.


Papers in English: Musical instruments discovered in Georgia through archaeological excavations; Historical topography of greater Mtskheta; Colchis in the system of the pontic kingdom of Mitridates; Armazian script and etc. Papers (in Georgien & English summary): Glyptical monuments of Georgia; Colchis kingdom and Iran in 5th-4th centuries bc; the ovens with two sections; The house of a 5th century resident from Mtskheta; Iron weapons of 6th -3rd centuries bc. from Aragvi valley; Architectural monuments of Mtskheta of classical period; Archaeological excavations at Dedoflisgora in 2013 -2015 and etc. 



Document Journal - IBERIA-COLCHIS N 11