Year 2014
Publication Type Periodic Papers

The year 2014 has special meaning for Georgia and for the Georgian National Museum. For our country it is unique because of the signing of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement that will mark the beginning of a new phase in Georgian history and in our relations with the European Union.

For our institution this year is special because we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Georgian National Museum, created when all major museums of Georgia were brought together, with the National Gallery and two research centers. 

It is symbolic that the Twinning Project implemented by the Georgian National Museum and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation/State Museums of Berlin for the institutional development of our museum – supported by the European Union – was the first European twinning project in the cultural field. Through close collaboration between these institutions the Georgian National Museum has been transformed into a modern, innovative, creative and user-friendly institution that is well integrated into the urban and social fabric.

We are pleased to present the first English-language issue of Museum, the Georgian National Museum’s magazine. We dedicate this issue to the signing of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and the tenth anniversary of the Georgian National Museum.  We introduce our readers to many activities and projects which along with scientific research and exhibitions are being carried out in the educational field.  We would like our readers to become familiar with the centuries-old history and culture of Georgia, as well as the history of our museum. Thus we are honored to present interviews with the leaders of our partner institutions and of joint international projects.

The Georgian National Museum continues to develop its institutional traditions, beginning with the foundation of the first museum in Georgia in the 19th century.  At the same time we are actively involved in new processes in the cultural field as we become part of a world-wide museum network.

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