Year 2013
Publication Type Scientific Papers

Author -  Gela   Gamkrelidze

Colchological Articles, II, 2012.


In the present book the author considers the Iberia-Colchis history of ancient Georgia. Particularly, it's based on written and archaeological sources, which convey BC. 6th - AD. 5th centuries Georgian culture  and  history. In this book there are artistic reconstructions from written sources and archaeological data. The book accumulates scientific articles and essays:  On the history of Colchis 3th -1th cent. BC and environment factor.   On the topoarchaeology of the city Phasis (Poti). On the transportation of oil to Phasis-Poti. An attempt  on reconstruction of Colchis-Mosvinicl tower.  Some considerations on the iconography of Medea from Colchis. A figurine of the Dionysus type deity from the Vani city-site. Towards interpretation of the clay object from  Adeishvili-gora  construction. About  Mukhirisi  mentioned Procopius of Caesarea and Agathias and etc.

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