Summer School in Gadachrili Gora

30 May 2016

The Georgian National Museum and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation present an international summer school in the village of Marneuli on June 1-10, 2016.

The Summer School is open to Georgian and international Bachelor, Master, PhD students; professors from Georgia and Canada, Toronto University, who are interested in Georgian heritage and in other disciplines related to the Georgian history.

Summer school will be held in a unique place, where settlements based on the manufacturing of new agricultural tools and farming technologies has appeared. Neolithic age is the most important period in the history of humanity. This is the era of society's transition from hunting-gathering to the form of economy based on domestication of plants and animals. Changes that took place in that period are related to the cultivation of wheat, barley, vines, leguminous crops and other important plants.

The Summer School aims to:

  • Popularize Georgian cultural heritage and sciences studies in archaeology, ethnology, paleozoology and paleobotany.
  • Share the existing knowledge of the Georgian studies, introduce the latest information, research methodology; enhance student's theoretical and practical skills.
  • Facilitate study and creative relationships between Georgian and foreign participants.
  • Promote the development of cultural tourism in Kvemo Kartli region as well as in entire Georgia.

The summer school program consists of both theoretical and practical courses.