Educational Project “Glorious Kings”

06 November 2014

Georgian National Museum Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum presents educational program "Glorious Kings". Event will take place on 6th November 2014, at 3 p.m.

Program is divided into three parts and each of them will reunite the kings who are known for their prominent political activities. The project aims to raise awareness about the Georgian kings who occupied significant role in the Georgian history.

First part of the project tells the story of Vakhtang Gorgasali, David the Builder and Queen Tamar, as they had the same goals, same devotion to the Christianity and vision of ruling the country.

After listening the theoretical part of the programme, participants will be divided in 4 groups, they will be given an assignment to write short text about their chosen king.  The project includes interactive lesson which will last 1,5 hours and will be visually accompanied with artworks, maps, numismatic materials, architectural memorials.

For the additional information and pre-registration please call: 2 92 32 27

Address: Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Street.