Exhibition and educational programme- "Inspired by Niko Pirosmani"

27 January 2013

From 27th of January 2013, Tbilisi Museum of History and Georgian National Museum, (GNM) present an exhibition and educational programme- "Inspired by Niko Pirosmani"The exhibition presents paintings and samples of crafts, made in children’s creative art studio- "ART-Mari". The works are reflecting the associations which were experienced by students during the close contact to the works of Pirosmani.The art school pupils together with university students will conduct the educational programme. The programme will have an optional game rules, where young students will describe the works of Pirosmani solely relying on their perceptions and offering audience an opportunity to create free variations on "Pirosmani" topic.


Educational programme: January 27th, 2013,  2:00 p.m

Address: Sioni Str. # 8; Tbilisi History Museum