State Of Play: Art in Georgia in 1985-1999

Date: 27 June 2018 – 20 August 2018

Heydar Aliyev Center from June 28 till August 20, hosts the exhibition "State Of Play": Art in Georgia in 1985-1999".

Period starting from late 1970 till 2000 reminded as a rising for Georgian contemporary art movement, in opposite to Social realism mainly dominated in Soviet countries Georgia never could adopt this tendency, except political leaders' portraits and propagandist panels and murals. 

Political changes and a smell of a freedom firstly affected artist community started with an underground movement and later transformed to a main basis for the contemporary Georgian art scene.

Soviet Union collapse, declaration of Georgian republic independence followed by bloody events, civil war, and economic crises is mainly remembered as a dark time. It is hard to imagine that first artistic movements started in cold buildings, by candlelight where the revolutionary spirit was born.

This exhibition describes only a part of artists and groups been active in this period, despite its significance, the period is still less known and researched. Therefore, this exhibition aims to contribute and highlight the important artists that influenced a lot of new Georgian generation, and basically a formation of a contemporary country.

The exhibition will present the works by 23 Georgian artists from 80-90ies, who greatly contributed to transforming the complex artistic process and visual art. Among them are: Gia Edzgveradze, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Iliko Zautashvili, Karlo Kacharava, Koka Ramishvili, Kote Sulaberidze, Keti Kapanadze, Kote Jincharadze, Levan Chogoshvili, Lia Shvelidze, Luka Lasareishvili, Maia Naveriani, Maia Tsetskhladze, Malkhaz Datukishvili, Mamuka Japaridze, Mamuka Tsetskhladze, Misha Gogrichiani, Murtaz Shvelidze, Niko Tsetskhladze, Oleg Timchenko, Temo Javakhishvili, Vakho Bugadze and Ushangi Khumarashvili.

The exhibition was initiated and organized within the frame of Contemporary Art Gallery Project with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia and Georgian National Museum. 

The exhibition is curated by Charles Merewether and coordinated by Lika Mamatsashvili and Ana Riaboshenko.

With a special help and support of Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku.