Fifth international textile symposium

Date: 26 Sep. 2006 – 27 Sep. 2006

Museum: Museum of Georgia

The Fifth textile symposium and Second Felt seminar will focus on the contemporary textile art and traditional textile craft. There will be a panel of international textile artists and sessions including talks and presentations by artists and scientists discussing contemporary textile art and craft revival projects. In the frame of symposium there will be organized post symposium workshops, demonstrations and master class programs in Tbilisi and Alvani by leading international artists and local artisans.

There will be held several exhibitions:
"Black 'n white" the 5th International Textile Art Exhibition and "On the Map" -Contemporary Felt using Locally Sourced Wool.

Touring exhibition of the International Felt Association (UK) will be held at the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum. In the frame of symposium will held exhibitions: Textile in Interior at the TMS Gallery and Quilt exhibition at the Quilt Gallery. 

Organizers: Georgian Textile Group (GTG), in conjunction with the European Textile Network (ETN) and Georgian Silk Museum.

Symposium is supported by: