“Colchis -Land of Golden Fleece”

Date: 11 March 2005 – 11 March 2006

Museum: Museum of Georgia

The Georgian National Museum hosts exposition "Colchis - Land of Golden Fleece, Myths and Reality" at the Gold Treasure of Simon Janashia Museum - Georgia's oldest scientific institution.

The current exposition displays 4th century B.C. artifacts discovered in Vani during 2003-2004 excavations.

Together with numerous local and imported golden artifacts a belt decorated with compositions of numerous figurines is the best among the discoveries. So far, the origin of the belt is not identified. Assyrian-Neo-Babylonian Chalcedonic coin mould belongs to the earlier period, while Pantikapaian silver coin to 330 B.C. is relatively recent among the discovered items.

The Georgian National Museum assumes the responsibility to make all the discoveries public in a timely manner, so that Museum accomplishes its main mission: lay the bridge between the past and future. The Vani discoveries reassert that the Colchi Land of Gold as described in Greek mythology was a real country.

These excavations also attest to the fact that cultural heritage of Georgia has been an integral part of an antic civilization. Colchi kingdom is one of the solid preconditions for the Georgian statehood.

The given exposition is an attempt to promote the scientific achievements applying modern museum technology. In framework of the exposition Museum plans to conduct series of workshops and activities for students as well as for the amateurs.  

Address: Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, 3 Shota Rustaveli Avenue. Tbilisi, Georgia.