Archaeological Treasury

Date: 05 June 2013 – 05 June 2013

Museum: Museum of Georgia

The Georgian National Museum presents  the exhibition  "Archaeological Treasure" at the Simon Janashia Museum. The magnificant gold and silver objects discovered during archaeological excavations in Georgia and displayed at the exhibition, represent the history of development of Georgian culture between 3th millennium BC and 4th century AD.

Visitors have the possibility to see more than 600 objects - gold and silver diadems, headgears, temple ornaments, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings adorned with precious stones, as well as gold, silver and glass vessels, small-size statues, ritual objects, weapons, etc. 

The silver belt, bronze and iron statues discovered in Vani in 2004 year and dated by the 4th millenium BC are presented to the general public for the first time.

It is worth to mention, that a part of this exhibition has been traveling for several years in the leading museums of the world, facing an enormous success. Nowadays the society has a possibility to see these unique samples of the Georgian cultural heritage at the renovated exhibition hall of the Simon Janashia Georgia Museum. The hall is equipped with the climate control system, for each object an individual lighting is selected, objects are allocated on the absolutely safe  acryl glass for exhibits.

A complete rehabilitation process of Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia was rehabilitated through the assistance of "Qartu Group". Modern types of exhibition halls, public spaces have been created within the museum space. The courtyard and the storages of the museum have been renewed according to the modern standards.


Address: Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, 3 Rustaveli Avenue.