Musik + X

Date: 08 May 2013 – 28 May 2013

Museum: Tbilisi History Museum

Georgian National Museum Tbilisi History Museum and Goethe Institute invite you celebratory opening of the multimedia and interactive exhibition "Musik + X" on May 8, 2013, at 6 pm.

"Musik + X" is much more, than an exhibition. It is the festival of German music. In four pavilions, arranged in Tbilisi History Museum, four genres of modern German music are presented. You can listen to the albums of German bands and watch musical videos on the monitors arranged there. At the exhibition you will get to know the German world pop stars, rappers, rock rebels, hip hoppers and Indi  musicians. You have already known some of them, as they are world-wide popular, some of them are known in Germany.

The exhibition lasts during "Month of German language", the motto of which is "Three countries - one language".

The exhibition lasts till May 28.

The address: Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Street.