The Silk Road in Colors

Date: 18 Dec. 2012 – 24 Dec. 2012

On December 18th, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. the Georgian National Museum Simon Janashia museum of Georgia hosts the exhibition "The Silk Road in Colors" exhibition of celebrated Chinese contemporary artists.

The Silk Road, which extended from Chang'an in the east through South Asia, Middle and West Asia until reached Europe and North Africa, is a renowned ancient access to civilizations of ancient China and the western world. It also marks close ties and friendship between China and Eurasia.

The history of the Silk Road recorded splendid civilizations and left tremendous cultural legacy for the human being. The charm of the Silk Road has not faded away alone with the passing of the time in more than two thousand years. Tracing back the history of the Silk Road, it seems that the shadow of our ancestor becomes vivid in viewers' mind, seems that we could still hear the ring of cameral bells on the ancient road and take a deep look into of fascinated cultures.

More than 100 Chinese contemporary artists have actively taken part in "Silk Road in Colors - Cultural Exchange and Communication, A Journey Through Silk Road By Chinese Contemporary Artists", in a bid to demonstrate the eternal charm of the Silk Road and strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation among different regions along the Silk Road. They started the journey from Xi'an in China, following ancestors' steps, visited cultural heritages, experienced folk customs and felt the essence of history and civilization. They also depicted the cultural marks imprinted by the history of the Silk Road via Chinese traditional water-ink paintings and western oil paintings. 

It has proved that the journey marks not only the beautiful and everlasting memory, but also stands for a brand new cultural baptism. The exhibition is the illustration of the cultural essence and charm that has settled deeply in soul and via brushes. The artists connect the dots and pieces of culture, folk and customs, historical heritages, cultural legacy, human and natural scenic spots while the Silk Road passes through China, Middle and Western Asia, South Asia and Europe, to demonstrate the deep friendship between western and eastern nations from various dimensions in cultural exchange and trade ties.

We sincerely hope that the exhibition demonstrate the culture of the Silk Road to the rest of the world; promote the revival of the Silk Road Civilization. It also bears in our hearts that the exhibition could reproduce the glorious days of the Silk Road which pushed human cultural advances, lent support to global trade development and sent friendly messages to neighboring nations. It is also our hope to bridge the friendship and communications between China and Europe in the new era.

Address: S. Janashia Museum of Georgia, 3. Shota Rustaveli Ave.