Museumsinsel Berlin – Museum District Tbilisi. Keeping the Past – Facing the Future

Date: 20 Sep. 2012 – 19 Dec. 2012

Museum: Museum of Georgia

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Georgian National Museum, with significant funding and support from the Goethe-Institut, have joined forces to present two important historical museum sites, situated at the heart of Berlin and Tbilisi respectively with the exhibition “Museumsinsel Berlin – Museum District Tbilisi. Keeping the Past – Facing the Future.” The exhibition has set itself the goal of clearly outlining the tasks and challenges that the museums in Berlin and in Tbilisi face as regards the preservation, interpretation, display and dissemination of their collections in buildings that are already centuries old, as well as others that have only recently been built.

The two cultural clusters, Museumsinsel Berlin and Museum District Tbilisi, are depicted in a series of films, images, texts and objects, spread over several info-points, clustered around the graphic presentation of the two sites, positioned in the middle of the room. This means the visitor is free to wander through the exhibition as he or she chooses, the info-points can be viewed independently from one another irrespective of order.

It is our common goal to provide our collections a home, in which they are preserved, interpreted and displayed in the best possible way. Working closely with representatives and sponsors from the realm of politics, business and academia, we aim to ensure that art and the pursuit of knowledge will positively shape the centres of both our capitals even more so than they have in the past.

For additional materials, please visit the Museum’s website at and featuring the exhibition and conference.