Exhibition Hall at Kobuleti-Kintrishi Visitor Center

Date: 05 July 2018 – 05 July 2020

Georgian National Museum specialists' team organized an exhibition at the Visitor Center of Kobuleti-Kintrishi Protected Areas. The exposition depicts the unique ecosystems of Adjara, in particular the Kobuleti wetland areas, the Kintrishi forests and their biodiversity. The exhibition aims to inform tourists and also functions as an educational center.

There are various types of interactions around the peatlands - boards of plants that grow in peaty marshes, as well as the book on rare insects. Using touchscreens, visitors can get familiar with the habitats of Kobuleti peats.

Using modern museum technologies, various types of information and interactive stands, visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the physical-geographical descriptions of the Kobuleti and Kintrishi Protected Areas, their history and significance, Kintrishi vegetation vertical zones and flora and fauna.

The most interesting and spectacular parts of the exhibition are the Ispani sphagnum peatlands and the Kintrishi forest illuminated light-boxes. Visitors can cross the wooden pedestrian bridge to peatland, from where the sounds of the wetland can be heard. Above the marsh are places birds that have permanent or temporary (seasonal) habitat across these lands. 

The central part of the Kintrishi section is completely dedicated to the forests light-box, where the viewer will be able to imagine woods of mountainous Adjara, get acquainted with various interesting information and listen to audio recordings of Kintrishi forest birds and animals.

The exposition also showcases copies of artifacts related to the Ispani Sphagnum Peatlands, Whose originals are preserved at Khariton Akhvlediani museum and Batumi archaeological museum.

Visitors can also view the collection of herbs spread across the Kintrishi forest, as well as herbariums, insects and clay mushrooms collected by Georgian National Museum Zoological Foundation employee Valery Petrov. 

At the end of the exposition, visitors will be able to travel through the Protected Areas of Georgia using touchscreens and get the information about the routes to the nearest protected areas and ecotourism services.

This project was implemented in cooperation with the Georgian National Museum, Agency of Protected Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection and GFA Consulting Group. This is the second common project for these structures - in 2017 was opened the exhibition hall of the Prometheus Cave Visitor Center.

Address: D. Aghmashenebeli str. 271, Kobuleti, Georgia. 

Photo: David Tsvariani