The Testament of David the Builder and New Exhibits of Medieval Treasury

Museum: Museum of Georgia

From December 26, 2016, Georgian National Museum, National Archives of Georgia and Korneli Kekelidze National Centre of Manuscripts invite you to the renewed exhibition of the Medieval Treasury.

Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia gives visitors the possibility to view the fragment of the only survived testament of David the Builder, written in Sharvan before the combat and also a copy of its glass negative made by Aleksandre Roinashvili in 1895. The exhibition will also showcase paleographical blades of David the Builder's handicrafts created by Sargis Kakabadze in 1911.

Visitors will also be able to view the richly embellished gospel "Ceremonial" (Sazeimo) which in all likelihood belonged to Queen Tamar; One of the earliest monuments from the classical period of Georgian medicine, XIII-XIV centuries encyclopedic work "Incomparable Book of Medicine" ("Ustsoro Karabadini"); The code type list - Vale Gospels (1514) copied in scriptorium of Atabag Family from Samtskhe; Georgian Chronicles copied by the order of Mariam Dadiani, the wife of King Rostom, etc.

We remind you that these exhibits will be involved in the exhibition "Medieval Treasury", which showcases Georgian Christian art that reflected the unity and continuity of cultural traditions and formed the basis of the Georgian statehood and the national identity.

Georgian Christian art is based on the pre-Christian traditions, which eventually formed the nation. Located in the crossroad of cultural movements from East and west, Georgia showed alacrity to accept the advanced headways. Georgia is one of the first countries who adopted Christianity and recognized it as the national religion. This decision tied the country closer to Europe and European culture.

The exhibition space of the "Medieval Treasury", equipped according to the international standards, was opened in June 2016. As stated by the specifics of the collection, works of art will constantly be shifted. The exhibition, accompanied by the educational programs and cultural activities, gives the opportunity to express the continuous development and formation of the Georgian national identity.

Address: Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, 3 Shota Rustaveli Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia.