Publication “Treasuries from Zguderi”

Date: 30 Nov. -0001 – 30 Nov. -0001

In 2009 BP Georgia sponsored printing of the publication of the Georgian National Museum "Treasuries from Zguderi". Bilingual book is a result of British-Georgian cooperation. Authors of this issue are Guram Nemsadze, Ketevan Djavakhishvili (Georgian National Museum), and David Braund (University of Exeter). The publication presents materials from the archaeological site Zghuderi located in Shida Kartli, east Georgia. These unique finds from the elite burials the Roman Period are dated back to 200-250 ad. This book introduced to the international audience less known collections of the Georgian National Museum.

Publication is available in the big libraries worldwide. It can be purchased in the bookshops of the Georgian National Museum.

Title: The Treasury of Zghuderi - Elite burials of the Caucasian Iberia in the Roman Period 200-250 ad

Year: 2009

Publication Type: Scientific Papers

Authors - David Braund, Ketevan Javajkhishvili, Guram Nemsadze

ISBN - 978-99940-980-7-1

Language/s: Georgian - English

 21*30, 100 p.