Development of Vani Museum-Reserve

Date: 30 Nov. -0001 – 30 Nov. -0001

The site of Vani is of international importance. In parallel to the scientific research, it is a priority to build the educational-cultural aspect of the site. In this context, BP and its partners funded a project to support further development of the site. As part of the project, the European Architectural firm Ellis Williams Architects designed a master plan for the development of the Vani Museum-Reserve. The Georgian National Museum staff had the unique opportunity to work on this project together with the German architect Dieter Pfannenstiel, who leads the firm's Berlin office. This collaboration with Ellis Williams Architects was greatly beneficial for the Georgian specialist and will be an asset in future projects initiated by the Georgian National Museum.

A special tourist route was arranged at the site in correspondence with the master plan concept. The route goes through the site and allows visitors to be introduced to important archaeological areas through informative signs. These signs provide explanations about the finds at these locations and their archaeological significance in both Georgian and English.

Through the project, the Georgian National Museum printed the scientific popular publication entitled "Vani." The well illustrated brochure provides information about the Vani city site, the history of its research, the importance of the discoveries made there, and the future plans for the development of Vani Museum-Reserve.