Mission and Vision


Our Vision: A world class museum services that conducts scientific research, informs, educates and inspires the public and plays an important role in the development of tourism.

Our Mission: To research, preserve, interpret and make accessible to all, the past and present of Georgia, of other nations and cultures, and the natural world.

Our Values:

  • We invest in people and develop potential We are committed to enabling our employees to realize their full potential and will invest in their training and development to achieve this.
  • We demonstrate excellenceWe will pursue excellence in all that we do, in order to provide a high quality service to our visitors and other users.
  • We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement We will encourage boldness and innovation, and support the continual improvement of our services.
  • We provide inspiration, education and enjoyment We will ensure that our activities and services provide inspiration, education and enjoyment for everyone. The GNM will provide accessible, exciting and appealing activities for all visitors.
  • We will progress through partnership We are committed to working in partnership with other museums, organizations and our stakeholders, in order to realize the full potential of our collections and contribution as a national organization.
  • We encourage effective working and mutual respect We will ensure fair, equal and respectful treatment for all employees and visitors. We will enable our employees to work effectively in teams, fostering honest and open communication and actions across our organization.