Tiger, leopard, panther (Leather)


Status: Species included the Soviet Union's Red Data Book species now extinct, because his time had not been restored works.

The Turan tiger-Male (kilograms),Panthera tigris virgata, was hunted near Tbilisi (Vill. Lelobi in 1922 Collected by Brothers Tiklauri. He the river from Azerbaijan. Overgrew the river. Both, it seems, come here from Iran, in search of his first GARDABANI tiger woods, in leisure center, and finally he was killed in the village.

Class Mammalia, seu Theria Linnaeus, 1758

Order: CARNIVORA  Bowdich, 1821- Сarnivores, carnivorous [flesheating]mammals

FamilyFelidae G. Fischer de Waldheim, 1817- The cat family (Felidae)

Genus: PANTHERA Oken, 1816 -Panther, Leopards and lions

Species: Panthera (tigris) virgata Illiger, 1815- Tiger, leopard, panther [Leather] 


Museum Museum of Georgia
Collection Natural History
Period XX century

Natural History