Archaeological and Interdisciplinary Project at Neolithic Site of Gadachrili Gora

04 December 2014

In 2006-2007 small-scale archaeological work at Gadachrili Gora were conducted. As a result of excavations, scientists discovered a Neolithic site of the 6th millennium BC, near the village of Imiri. The settlement belongs to the so-called "Shulaveri group" settlements (Shulaveri Gora, Imiri Gora, Dangreuli Gora, Gadachrili Gora) of  Shulaveri-Shomu Culture and located in Kvemo Kartli plain (Kura and Khrami river valley).

In 2012 and 2013, new archaeological operations were conducted in the frame work of a joined project between the Georgian National Museum and the French Center for National Research (LIA Gates, excavations conducted by  M. Jalabadze & C. Hamon ), also supported by different institutions (Georgian Wine Agency) and programs (ANR Kura In Motion & Orimil).

Research has shown stratigraphic picture of the settlement. Stone and bone artifacts were discovered from the site. Laboratory works are conducted in Georgia and France.

Within collaboration between Georgian National Museum and Georgian National Wine Agency, archaeological expedition continued the previous archaeological and interdisciplinary works on the site.

The head of the expedition is Prof. Mindia Jalabadze from the side of the Georgian National Museum.

Besides the Georgian and French scientists, Georgian students are also involved in the project.