Dmanisi Paleoanthropological Field School is 10 years old

13 August 2019

Dmanisi Paleoanthropological Field School is 10 years old. 

We annually host an international group of students in Dmanisi. The field school is created on the basis of Dmanisi Museum-Reserve. The four-week educational project includes both practical work (excavations) as well as theoretical lectures. The school is interdisciplinary. Here, together with the staff of Georgian National Museum, professors from leading research institutes around the world are giving lectures.

The goal of the project is to create a strong educational center where young scientists will raise their qualifications and learn about new cultures. Participants have an opportunity to see for themselves how modern scientific researches are conducted. 

The demand for school attendance is increasing every year and the list of participating countries is expanding. For ten years, students from Australia, USA, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Ethiopia, Japan, India, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, the Philippines, Switzerland and, of course, Georgia have participated the field school.

Including the ongoing year, 2019, the field school has 82 graduates who still continue their research successfully at various universities.