The exhibition "Echo" by Koshu

27 June 2019

Georgian National Museum and Embassy of Japan in Georgia present Japanese Calligraphy master's, Koshu's (Akemi Lucas) exhibition "Echo" at Sighnaghi Museum.

Koshu was born in Japan and started learning calligraphy from the age of eight. Her distinct style of calligraphy builds on traditional skills, and further embodies the fusion of the ancient and the modern, the eastern and the western, and the before and the after. She predominantly works on exhibitions, demonstrations workshops, and commissions.

Koshu took part in the events "Tokugawa and the Masters", part of which was hosted by Georgian National Museum in October, 2018. Koshu considers that her first visit in Signagi filled her heart with love and it reflected on her several artworks. Calligraphy master hopes: "that my love for Georgia poured into my artwork, is reflected and resonates in people's hearts, rippling out and leaving an echo for the future."

UK based Japanese Artist is currently working on two major projects; The Rugby World Cup and Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. These commissions are extremely prestigious and Koshu feels they are a great honour to work on. Both projects are very high profile, which will bring her work and an appreciation of Japanese art, to a wider international audience.

The exhibition is supported by Sighnaghi Municipality and "Georgian Express".

Exhibition opening: July 4 |16:00
Exhibition duration: July 4-11 | 2019
Venue: Sighnaghi Museum, 8, Shota Rustaveli Blind-alley, Sighnaghi, Georgia