Exhibition to Celebrate 20 Years of Bilateral Relations Between Georgia and the Netherlands

01 May 2012

In the Netherlands April 30 traditionally is Queen’s Day, celebrating the birthday of H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. As of 22 April 1992 the Kingdom of the Netherlands established diplomatic relations with the independent Republic of Georgia and so laid down the foundations for political, economic and cultural bilateral relations between the two countries.

To further strengthen the cultural ties between the two countries the exhibition „Exhibition to Celebrate 20 Years of Bilateral Relations between Georgia and the Netherlands” is presented at Simon Janashia Museum of History of the National Museum of Georgia on the occasion of these two dates. A selection has been made of 17th to 19th Century Dutch paintings from the storerooms of Shalva Amiranashvili Art Museum of the National Museum of Georgia, which represents the treasury of the museum collection.

Almost every genre of Dutch painting is represented in the exhibition. The landscape, as an independent genre, flourished in Holland in the 17th century. Dutch artists take a great interest in effects of light and shade at various time of the day or seasons. You will get acquainted with typical Dutch landscapes with cows, but also with Scandinavian and Italianate landscapes by great masters like Jakob van Ruisdael (1628-1682), Adriaen van der Velde (1636-1672) and Jan Baptist Weenix (1640/1642-1719).

Address: Georgian National Museum, 3, Rustaveli Avenue.