Exhibition of Scenography

04 November 2015

Georgian National Museum Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery invites you at the exhibition of scenography by three Georgian artists - Oleg Kochakidze, Alexander Slovinsky, Yuri Chikvaidze. Opening event will take place on 7th of November at 6 p.m.

Exposition is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the three members of the artistic group working on scenography. First time the following artist's exhibition took place in the 80s of last century. This time, exposition will showcase stage and film decorations. Up to 200 exhibits, such as - illustrations, sketches, costumes, models and posters will be presented at the exhibition. All the exhibits are from the collections of the Georgian National Museum, State Choreography Theatre, Shota Rustaveli Drama Theatre and authors' private collections.

Collaboration between the artists started back in 1957, when three students from the faculty of architecture became winners of the World Youth Festival. The group has been contributing their time to the painting and graphic and they worked as stage artists in different theatres. In 1959 the group was invited to work at the Professional State Youth Theatre, after 1961 they worked for Shota Rustaveli Drama Theatre and from 1976 at the Marjanishvili Theatre.  In 1989 Oleg Kochakidze, Alexander Slovinsky and Yuri Chikvaidze were awarded as the distinguished Georgian Artists. Since 1991 artists worked separately. In 2003, Yuri Chikvaidze has passed away while living in USA.

Due to the anniversary of the Group’s members, Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia supported the publication of the monograph "Sameuli Theater" (author David Andriadze). 

Exhibition will last until December 6.

Address: Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery, 11 Rustaveli Avenue.