Orthodoxy – the Photos Taken by Camera Obscura

17 April 2013

Georgian National Museum Tbilisi History Museum represents the exhibition "Orthodoxy - the photos taken by Camera Obscura " - works by Sophron Vilenta, the monk on April 17, 2013 at 5 pm.

The monk, who is the devoted follower of photography, fixes the truth of Orthodoxy and its history by "Camera Obscura". The reality, which monk Sophron grasps, is full of feelings and emotions. Well matched illumination and treatment of light and shade gives more attractiveness to the works of the author. "Camera Obscura" invariably revives all interesting details and the features apprehended by the author.

The purpose of the project is to present interesting photo works, which offer the interpretation of general spirit and features of Orthodox validity.

Organizers are The Consulate of republic of Poland, the Warsaw Orthodox Museum and the Museum of Icon Painting.

Address: 8 Sioni street, Tbilisi History Museum.