Exhibition “Illustrated Melodies”

22 March 2013

Georgian National Museum Tbilisi History Museum on March 22, 2013, at 5 pm represents the exhibition "Illustrated Melodies" - works of the artists of the 60s of the last century - brothers-twins Avtandil and Tariel Vartagava.

Avtandil Vartagava is a painter, graphic artist, poet, art historian. In 1966-78 he worked in S.Janashia Museum of Georgia. Tariel Vartagava is a painter and graphic artist. He also wrote poems, was an icon painter, but for both of the brothers fresco and icon painting is especially important.

Brothers Vartagava used to arrange personal exhibitions in Tbilisi also took part in group expositions of Transcaucasia and Tbilisi. Their works are preserved in private collections of the USA, Russia, Italy and Germany.

In 1970-74 the catalogue (Editor Lado Gudiashvili), describing the creativity of brothers Vartagava had been published twice. In the compositions of poetic-lyric genre various romantic-abstract subjects are shown: music, love; their relationship to fantasy has come to light; one can feel the influence of surrealism, desire to show on a miscellaneous natural forms and plasticity. The peculiarity of their painting is a variety of themes and contents. This exhibition is a brilliant illustration of it. Therefore, an interesting travel to the poetic world of brothers Vartagava is expecting visitors.



The exhibition lasts till April 2, 2013

The address: 8 Sioni str. Tbilisi History Museum