Collaboration Agreement

14 January 2013

On January 14, 2013 the Collaboration Agreement was signed between the Director General of the Georgian National Museum -David Lordkipanidze and Teacher's Professional Development National Center -Director Gia Mamulashvili.

Two parties agreed on raising the qualification and professional skills of teachers to meet the up-to-date standards; developing and planning educational programs; adopting the joint policy for all teachers of various qualifications; implementing joint educational programs for museum popularization and integration; updating educational programs in cooperation with the museum employees.

On one-hand Georgian National Museum consultants, scientists, curators and curator-assistants will work on drawing out the short courses and training for the teachers; on the other hand Teacher's Professional Development National Center trainers will conduct multiple training programs for museum educational sphere employees and tour guides. Training programs should include familiarization with teacher and student standards, educational and teaching methods according to various age groups.

The Georgian National Museum and the Teacher's Professional Development National Center aim at promoting and ensuring public accessibility to Georgian as well as other nations cultural heritage and world natural monuments.