"Erich Mendelsohn. Dynamic and Function. Personified contemplates of Cosmopolite Architect"

15 December 2012

Tbilisi Goethe Institute, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum on the 15 of December, 2012 present exhibition of IFA "Erich Mendelsohn. Dynamic and Function. Personified contemplates of Cosmopolite Architect".

Exhibition presents architectural projects of one of the most important German architect, expressionist, and functionalist, Erich Mendelsohn (1887 - 1953).

Erich Mendelsohn was born in Jewish family. He studied in Berlin and Munich where he was influenced by Theodor Fischer.  In 20-30's of 20th century, together with Avant-garde artists of the period, Mendelsohn lead the famous architect unit "Group of November". Big influence on the creative style of Mendelsohn had Expressionism.  At that time several buildings were built by Mendelsohn's project: Luckenwalde hat factory, Schocken department store in Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Nuremberg, Berlin, Einsteinturm solar observatory in Potsdam, Red Flag Textile Factory in Leningrad. In 1933 Erich Mendelshon forced to left Nazi Germany. He fled to England. From 1941 until his death, Mendelsohn lived in the United States and taught at the University of California, Berkeley. 

The most important works of Erich Mendelsohn are: Maimonides Hospital, San Francisco, Synagogue in St. Louis, Exhibition pavilion for the Rudolf Mosse publishing house, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Columbushaus Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Woga-Komplex in Berlin and many more. Erich mendelsohn's architectural projects are distinguished for its originality and free forms.

Before the exhibition opening doctor Hainze Grinberg  will speak about creative life of Erich Mendelsohn.

Exhibition opening:   15.12.2012, 17:00

Speech: 16:00

Address: Sioni str. #8, Tbilisi History Museum