Presentation on the history of fashion exhibitions in UK and screening of fashion films

09 November 2012

On November 9th, 2012 at 11:30-13:00 The Georgian National Museum and British Council presents the Presentation on the history of fashion exhibitions in UK and screening of fashion films.

Presenter- Kendall Martin-Robbins, title "Fashion Exhibitions and Curation in the UK ".

Description: A brief overview of fashion exhibitions in the UK over the last 30 years. The presentation will explore growing popularity of fashion exhibitions in recent years and relevance to museums as well as their ability to draw in new audiences. The presentation will also look at the different types of fashion exhibitions and how they're being utilised by government agencies and other international bodies, including the British Council.

Film - "Best of UK Fashion Film Screening"

Description: A short exploration of the development of UK fashion film curated by filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson. The screening features 11 fashion films and looks at the growth of fashion film as a tool for creating a moving narrative for a designer's collection in the digital age. The internet, along with the digital camera, has transformed the presentation of fashion both radically quickening the pace at which trends are disseminated but also broadening the possibilities through which ideas can be communicated. One such development is the use of film to capture a season's fashion collection. The short films depict the inspiration behind a season's collection whilst capturing the spirit of the designer's identity.

Address: 1, Purtseladze Street, Auditorium of the Georgian National Museum.