Project "Quarantine"

04 July 2012

Project participants: Luara Gamkrelidze, Inga Batatunashvili, Soso Kumsiashvili, Nutsa Kanadashvili, Salome Rigvava, Nuka Megrelishvili, Giorgi Rukhadze, Tamar Maghlaperidze, Tamuna Khmiadashvili, Gocha Jgenti, Meri Khevsuriani, Marika Manjgaladze, Levan Chelidze.

Young artists will present their projects united with one conceptual point of view. The project is focused to unite one multimedia space. At the same time project is the master\'s diploma of this group, which is very interest example of getting master\'s degree outside Academy.

\"Quarantine\" shows the artistic interests of new generation artists with wide spectrum, less familiar and sometimes unexpected artistic salvations, search processes of compliance of theme and form.

The exhibition will last untill July 14, 2012.

Address: Sioni Str. 8, Tbilisi History Museum.