Exhibition “THREE FRIENDS”

23 November 2011


Exhibition „Three Friends” is a creative meeting of artworks by three artists – Otar Vepkhvadze (ceramics), Ivars Bumbiers (paintings) and Peteris Martinsons (ceramics). With zest towards their work. With love towards two beautiful countries – Latvia and Georgia. With respect to their Friends.

Otar Vepkhvadze is a painter in ceramics. For him creating ceramics is collaboration between hands and emotions. Artist’s power transforms solid material – clay into fragile, emotional creation. Otar’s works include a range of unique images with pictorial women’s faces, fabulous animals, and variations of simple ceramic forms. He works in various techniques (clay, chamotte, metal, glass, wood), and uses different surfaces, colors, forms shapes. His unique art is charged with the positive energy and Otar’s creative mojo is limitless.

Ivars Bumbier’s constantly trained architectural vision and thought helps him to perceive motifs of nature and architecture creatively and insightfully. When in nature, viewing buildings, landscapes, and the human body, in moments of contemplation or during distant trips – the sketchbook always fills unpredictably with expressive drafts caught in the moment. This is how motifs pile up. Afterwards the chosen motif is developed into a painting or ink work and the composition usually gains a more complete and laconic conclusion.

Peteris Martinson’s true material is porcelain – fragile and attracted by light, it doesn’t make you think about the mundane but rather wake your dreams and make you feel unreal. The artist’s world – enigmatic, suggestive and enchanting. When coming into contact with light, porcelain becomes translucent, even more fragile and delicate thus urging us to think of the spiritual dimensions. Peteris Martinson’s art and personality is not only a part of Latvian but also world’s art circuit, he is one of the most noted Latvian contemporary artists in the world.

The story behind

The comradely, manly artists’ and colleagues’ friendship - the one you don’t discuss loudly and broadly is what brings them together. They are those kinds of friends who can live without meeting one another for months and even years but every reunion is like an adventure. Surprising though? Hardly – as it feels like they have been here and together all this time. It is not just due to the modern communication devices, it is the power of spiritual kinship – to be side by side in spite of physical distance.

Peteris and Ivars are best friends since 50th of last century while studying architecture. With Otar they met 28 years ago in Dzintari artist’s house in Latvia. Then followed years of big changes both in Latvia and Georgia and for more than 20 years communication became difficult. In 2009, while visiting Georgia, Ivars with a help of his daughters finds Otar and this unannounced visit turns into Georgian style honorable and sincere welcome to artist’s home. Two years later it is followed by Otar’s visit to Ivar’s family – and so springs up the idea of an exhibition. Idea about the two Latvian artists’ – Peteris Martinson’s and Ivars Bumbier’s – small exhibition in Tbilisi develops into something much extensive: for the first time creative works of these three friends meet here, in the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi. Exhibition is a tribute to two beautiful countries – Latvia and Georgia and their friendship over years and distance.