Creathon - Pirosmani in the digital space

17 April 2019 - 30 April 2019

On May 3-6, 2019, with the initiative of the Georgian National Museum, a cognitive and creative contest "Creathon - Pirosmani in the digital space" is held.

Students from all the Georgian universities can participate in the competition.

According to the success of Niko Pirosmani - as the important piece of Georgian museum cultural heritage, the aim of the project is to support the positioning of Georgian cultural heritage and to effectively integrate its potential in different sectors of the country and social life.

Competition tasks include the creation of various types of works around Niko Pirosmani's creations using graphic design and digital technologies.

Within the framework of planned events students:

  • Will increase knowledge about Niko Pirosmani's artwork;
  • Will receive information about the modern view of culture, the use of digital and innovative technologies in the field of culture;
  • Will have professional relations with specialists from culture, art, graphic design, digital technologies, and communications;
  • Will be able to test their capabilities in accordance with creativity, professional skills and working in the competitive environment.
  • Will receive an assessment from the professional jury members;
  • Will have an opportunity to get awarded with original, honorable prizes;
  • Successful students revealed within the competition will be employed in the implementation stage of the project;

In order to participate in the competition, student groups should fill the electronic registration form.

* Deadline for registration is April 30.

Organizers of the project are Georgian National Museum, GITA, GeoLab, Leavingstone and City Hall of Sighnaghi Municipality.