Ceremony of gifting the Samurai military equipment

04 March 2019 - 04 March 2019

On March 4, 2019, at 3 pm, Georgian National Museum Auditorium in the scope of the event cycle "Tokugawa and Other Masters", hosted the summarizing ceremony of gifting the Samurai military equipment from Japanese Embassy to the Georgian National Museum.

Especially for this project was created an analog of traditional equipment of the Edo period Samurai, which was added in Eastern collections of Samurai Equipment at Georgian National Museum.

Samurai military equipment consists of armor, helmet, sword, bows and arrows and a military mask. Only the high-ranking warriors were allowed to carry full equipment and each clan had their own color and heraldic emblem. The most decorative part of the equipment is the helmet with dragon's image. The military mask is made from leather and iron.

The Embassy of Japan in Georgia, Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts and Georgian National Museum were hosting the cycle of events "Tokugawa and other masters".

Sponsors of the Project: TBC Bank, Silknet, Toyota Caucasus and JTI.

Address: Georgian National Museum Auditorium, 1, A. Purtseladze Str. Tbilisi, Georgia