Georgian National Museum at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

04 October 2018 - 10 February 2019

The Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the most important cultural events in the world. Every year Frankfurter Buchmesse welcomes a different country as its Guest of Honor. It is a great privilege for Georgia to be "Guest of Honor 2018", where the country presents its culture, literature, new editions, exhibitions, theater performances, films to the wide audience from all over the world. The fair hosts about 300 000 visitors annually. Approximately 9000 internationally accredited journalists cover the fair and it represents one of the biggest cultural platforms in the world.

This is a unique opportunity for the country to present Georgia's cultural-historical heritage in Frankfurt - the EU financial-cultural center. In addition, to advance its contribution to the history and culture of Europe and the world, which will eventually contribute to the establishment of a decent place in our international community.

In the framework of the Frankfurt International Book Fair Guest of Honor program, with the initiative of The Government of Georgia and The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, Georgian National Museum displays three exhibitions and educational programs in the fall of 2018. The exhibitions presented in different museums of Frankfurt aims to represent the history of human evolution from the prehistoric epoch to the ancient period on the territory of Georgia and the Caucasus.

Based on the specifications of the exhibitions, three museums were selected in Frankfurt am Main: The history of human ancestors and their journey through Africa from the Caucasus will be presented at the Zenkenberg Natural Sciences Museum (Naturmuseum Senckenberg) - the exhibition will present the remains of 1 800,000 years old Hominin discovered in Dmanisi. Archaeological Museum (Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt am Main) will host the exhibition Wine and Gold presenting a comprehensive picture of Georgia's early cultural development from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. While the Skibpturensammlung Liebghaus museum displays the ancient world.